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Measurements & Advanced Technologies Brewing Research CD
Measurements & Advanced Technologies Brewing Research CD
A searchable collection of nearly 35 years of ASBC peer-reviewed scientific research on measurements and advanced technologies in brewing.

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Compendium of Brewing Research – Measurements & Advanced Technologies is a summary compilation of ASBC’s peer-reviewed research on this important aspect of brewing. Presented in one comprehensive easy-to-use CD-ROM, the Society has compiled nearly 35 years of measurements and advanced technologies as it has appeared in the Journal of the ASBC.

This value-packed CD-ROM presents some of the most important measurements and advanced technologies ever published, organized by date, and available from your desktop. More than 260 articles were custom selected from the Journal of the ASBC and are fully indexed and searchable back through 1977, so you can find exactly the information you need. A multitude of articles describing analysis of raw materials, in-process, and finished beer using an array of analytical techniques ranging from the most basic to highly sophisticated are included. The articles encompass techniques used to evaluate hops, flavor, flavor stability, physical properties, foam, cereals, enzymes, yeast, fermentation, processing aids, and sensory, in addition to the standard analytical parameters in beer. Analytical instrumentation and techniques include PCR, AA, ICP, HPLC, LC\MS, GC, GC\MS, GCO, SCABA, NIRS, ph, ESR (EPR), NMR, micro-assays, mycotoxin assays, electronic nose/tongue, UV-VIS, DO, RVA, immunoassays, microscopy, turbidimeters, nitrogen and sulfur analyzers, IC, electrophoresis, and more.

It is searchable by key words so it is easy to use to find literature describing various techniques, methods of analysis, and results from these analyses. Boolean operators help you refine your searches to even more specific levels where you can quickly scan the article titles for relevance. Once you locate articles of interest, print them or view them on-screen. Everything is conveniently packaged for ease of use and fast access. Add this CD-ROM to your personal collection today and build your knowledge of measurements and advanced technologies in brewing!

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Compendium of Brewing Research CD-ROM: Measurements & Advanced Technologies

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Publish Date: 2012
Format: CD-ROM format compatible with Mac or PC
ISBN: 978-1-938119-03-3
Publication Weight: 1 lbs


Measurements & Advanced Technologies: Compendium of Brewing Research CD-ROM (Single-User License)

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