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Gose: Brewing A Classic German Beer for the Modern Era
Gose: Brewing A Classic German Beer for the Modern Era

Gose explores the history of this lightly sour wheat beer style, its traditional ingredients and special brewing techniques.

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By Fal Allen

Fal Allen started brewing professionally in 1988 for Redhook Brewery in Seattle, Wash. In 1990, he moved to Pike Place Brewery where he was the head brewer for eight years. In 1999, he was awarded the Brewers Association’s Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation and Achievement…

Explore the sensation of tart, fruity and refreshing Gose-style beers, popular in Germany centuries ago and experiencing a renaissance today. Follow the development of this lightly sour wheat beer as it grew, then bordered on extinction, before surging into popularity due to the enthusiasm and experimentation of American craft brewers.

Gose explores the history of this lightly sour wheat beer style, its traditional ingredients and special brewing techniques. Discover brewing methods from the Middle Ages and learn how to translate them to modern day beer. Learn about salinity, spices, and lactic acid as you experiment with Gose recipes from some of the best-known craft brewers of our time. This refreshing journey captures the innovation and experimentation that is occurring within the style and help you brew your own Gose-style beers.

Gose: Brewing A Classic German Beer for the Modern Era


Chapter 1: The History of Gose

The Legend of Gose
Goslar: The Town and Its Beer
Gose in Goslar
Gose Out of Goslar: The 1500s Th rough the Early 1900s
     Eutritzsch and the Gosenschanke

Gose in Post-War Germany
    Without a Concern
     Enthusiasm for Gose Grows

The World Discovers Gose

Chapter 2: Flavor Profiles of Gose

Acidity and pH
    Perception and Titratable Acidity
Gose in the Contemporary Period (mid-1900s to Present Day)
    Specifications of Contemporary Gose
     Flavor Profile

Gose in the Modern Period (1600-1900)
    Specifications of Modern Period Gose
     Flavor Profile

Gose in the Middle Ages (950-1400)
    Specifications of Middle Ages Gose
     Flavor Profile

Published Descriptions of Gose

Chapter 3: Ingredients

    Hop Selection
    Terminal Acid Shock
     Wild Ferments and/or Spontaneous Fermentation
    Hot Side Additions
     Cold Side Additions
    Color, pH, and Astringency
     Hot Side Fruit Additions
     Cold Side Fruit Additions
    Types of Salt
     Salts of the World
     How Much Salt?
     Adding the Salt
Souring Agents
    Bacterial Souring Agents
     Lactic Acid Bacteria
     Hop Tolerance
     Foam Degradation
     Attributes of Common Lactic Acid Strains of Lactobacillus

Chapter 4: Brewhouse Operations

    Detour 1: Sour Mashing
Lautering and Sparging
    Detour 2: Kettle Souring
The Boil
    Kettle Hops
Whirlpool and Heat Exchange
Souring the Beer
    Souring Mash
     Kettle Souring
     High-Acidity Brewing
     Conclusions to Using Bacteria as a Souring Agent
     Some Non-Bacterial Souring Options
     Lactobacillus and Mixed Fermentations
Cleaning and Sanitation

Chapter 5: Cellar Operations

Yeast Pitching
     Level of pH During Fermentation
      Secondary Fermentation
Aging and Conditioning

Chapter 6: Packaging and Service

A Historical Perspective on Gose Packaging
Pub Mix-Ups
Food Pairing

Chapter 7: Gose Recipes

SeaQuench Sour
“Strong English” Gose
Haarlemmermeer “K”ose
Yuja Gose
Ruben’s Gose
Tiny Bubbles
Guimas Gose
Bullpen Hijinks Sunflower Seed Gose
Geisterzug Gose
Gose Long
Gosaic (1005 Mosaic Dry-Hopped Gose)
Keypunch Gose
(Frehmten) Bestekrug Gose
Gruit Gose
Moroccan Preserved Lemon Gose
Heretic & Fuller’s Collaboration Blackberry Gose
Yuzu Isuzu
Supermarket Gose
The Traveling Plum (Li Hing Mui-Inspired Gose)
Blood Orange Gose
Water Chopper Gose
Salvation Mountain Gose
The Kimmie Gose
Hard Case Gose
Deep End Gose
Lemonaze Gose
Otra Vez Prickly Pear and Grapefruit Gose


"I have over ten years' experience in sour beer production, including Gose. There is much I have learned from this book that will continue to help me in my professional career. Fal writes with such simple clarity and depth that brewers of all levels and beer enthusiasts alike can enjoy and benefit from this book."
—Ron Gansberg, Brewmaster, Cascade Brewing

"There is more to Gose than just coriander and salt. Fal Allen reveals its rich history while giving the reader an in-depth introduction to both modern and historic Gose-style beers, their ingredients, and their quirks. Follow Gose on its journey from the imperial city of Goslar into the Gosenschänke of Leipzig and on to craft breweries in the US and the world."
—Benedikt Rausch, Wilder Wald

"Fal takes us on a Dickensian journey through time, detailing what was, what is, and what may become of our beloved and mostly misunderstood Gose. Fal covers the depth and breadth of brewing Gose, with tips, clever tricks, and tasty anecdotes along the way. Whether you're a beer newbie or a master brewer, this book is required reading for all."
—Kristen England, Head Brewer, Bent Brewstillery

Publish Date: 2018
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
Pages: 221
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Fal Allen

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