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Dinner in the Beer Garden
Dinner in the Beer Garden

It’s a cookbook for people who enjoy carrots and kale, but also love beer, cheese and chocolate.

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Lucy Saunders is the author of four cookbooks about beer, and has been writing about beer and food for magazines and newspapers for more than 20 years.

DINNER IN THE BEER GARDEN is the theme of this cookbook – but this isn’t a cookbook about typical bratwurst or roasted pork. All the recipes feature fresh fruits and vegetables at the center of the plate, and a few call for fish and seafood.

It’s a cookbook for people who enjoy carrots and kale, but also love beer, cheese and chocolate. Profiles of beer gardens and tips on pairing beer with fruits and vegetables appear in between chapters, with lots of stories and tips on pairing.

Recipes are contributed by chefs such as AJ Hurst from Vintage Brewing Co. who made the Beet-­-Ricotta Gnocchi with a Weiss Blau Sauce, and chefs from the Kohler Festival of Beer, as well as home cooks like Lucy.

Easy recipes include the Grilled Vegetables with the New Glarus Beer and salads. The Burnt Caramel Cream and Chocolate Shortcakes with Sprecher Black Bavarian are simple to make, but taste impressive.

"My goal in writing the cookbook is to focus on pairing beer with fresh-­-grown food," says Saunders. "People are growing vegetables at home, buying fresh produce at farmers markets, participating in community supported agriculture, enjoying Meatless Mondays, so it’s good to show what can be done with beer pairings.”

Saunders also wrote the profiles in the cookbook to highlight sustainable brewing such as Bell’s Brewery starting to grow its own barley and Rogue Ales Grow Your Own initiative in preserving farm land for hops and barley.

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Milwaukee-­-based author Lucy Saunders writes about beer and food, for  newspapers, magazines, and cookbooks, including GRILLING WITH BEER (2006) and BEST OF AMERICAN BEER & FOOD (2007). Saunders teaches classes and workshops on craft beer pairing and cuisine, plus catered tastings, beer dinners and cooking demonstrations. Saunders also organizes water and energy conservation workshops for breweries.


Dinner in the Beer Garden


Beans & Legumes



Fish & Seafood


Noodles & Pasta


Squash & Vegetables


Sauces & Soups

Fruits & Desserts

Publish Date: 2014
Format: 5.5" x 9" hardcover
Pages: 232
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

By Lucy Saunders

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