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Single Map (folded)
10-Map Pack (folded)

The Hop Flavor Map is an intuitive and approachable tool that bridges communication gaps throughout the supply and production chain. Developed through industry collaboration, this map will enable anyone working with hops, from breeders to brewers, to communicate the myriad flavors to customers.

This aesthetically pleasing map lays out the sensory terms associated with hops, such as fruity, floral, spicy, and woody. It then breaks down the categories even further with additional descriptive terms to equip brewing professionals with the language they need.

Additionally, the Hop Flavor Map includes a quick and convenient reference of the steps in ASBC’s Hop Grind Sensory Evaluation Method, a rapid procedure used for the sensory evaluation of hop aroma.

Driven by flavor, backed by chemistry, and easy to use, the Hop Flavor Map is an essential resource for every brewing professional.

Also available:

Single Map (unfolded)

Hop Flavor Map (50 pack, folded)

Publish Date: 2018
Format: 13" x 19" map (50 pack, folded)
Publication Weight: 6 lbs

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