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A Brief History of Lager
A Brief History of Lager

Discover the history of the world's favorite beer.

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Discover the history of the world's favorite beer.

In this fascinating book, beer expert Mark Dredge dives into the history of lager, from how it was first brewed to what role was played by German monks and kings in the creation of the drink we know so well today. From the importance of 500-year-old purity laws to a scrupulously researched exploration of modern beer gardens (it's a hard life), Mark has delved deep into the story of the world's favourite beer.

From 16th Century Bavaria to the recent popularity of specialist craft lagers, A Brief History of Lager is an engaging and informative exploration of a classic drink.

Pint, anyone?

A Brief History of Lager


Chapter One

The Birth of Lager

Chapter Two

The Great-Grandfathers of Lager, or How Lager Became the Drink we Know Today

Chapter Three

How America Super-Sized Lager and Turned it from Dark to Lite

Chapter Four

How Lager Became the World's Local Drink

Chapter Five

Lager: The Present and Future

Bibliography and References



Publish Date: 2019
Format: 5.5" x 8.5" hardcover
Pages: 224
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Mark Dredge

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