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Brewing Microbiology: Current Research, Omics, and Microbial
Brewing Microbiology: Current Research, Omics, and Microbial

This book is highly recommended for anyone involved in the microbiology of brewing.

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Research into brewing yeast and other organisms associated with beer and brewing has experienced many important advances in the past decade, propelled by technological advances in tools fundamental to the investigation of microbes and their metabolism.

This volume surveys the most recent discoveries in brewing microbiology, with an emphasis on omics techniques and other modern technologies. Discoveries in these areas have furthered our knowledge of brewing processes, with practical applications from barley growth and malting to yeast management, strain selection, fermentation control, and quality assurance. The chapters, written by experts in the field, aim not only to illuminate recent progress, but also to discuss its impact on brewing practices. Topics covered include the physiology, fermentation, taxonomy, diversity, typing, genetic manipulation, genomics and evolution of brewing yeasts. Further areas covered include the fungal contamination of barley and malt, spoilage by lactic acid bacteria and gram-negative bacteria, and beer-spoiling yeasts.

This volume is highly recommended for anyone involved in the microbiology of brewing.

Brewing Microbiology: Current Research, Omics, and Microbial Ecology

Brewing Yeast Physiology

Chris Boulton

Yeast Stress and Brewing Fermentations

Katherine A. Smart

Yeast Supply, Fermentation, and Handling Insights, Best Practice and Consequences of Failure

David E. Quain

Taxonomy, Diversity, and Typing of Brewing Yeasts

José Paulo Sampaio, Ana Pontes, Diego Libkind and Mathias Hutzler

Genetic Manipulation of Brewing Yeasts: Challenges and Opportunities

Barbara Dunn, Daniel J. Kvitek and Gavin Sherlock

Genomics and Evolution of Beer Yeasts

Brigida Gallone, Stijn Mertens, Sam Crauwelse, Bart Lievense, Kevin J. Verstrepen and Jan Steensels

Microbial Ecology of Traditional Beer Fermentations

Freek Spitaels, Anneleen Diane Wieme, Isabel Snauwaert, Luc De Vuyst and Peter Vandamme

Fungal Contamination of Barley and Malt

Ludwig Niessen

Investigation of Beer-Spoilage Lactic Acid Bacteria using Omic Approaches

Jordyn Bergsveinson and Barry Ziola

Brewery- and Beer-Spoilage-Related Gram-negative Bacteria: The Unpleasant, The Malodorous and The Outright Fetid

Barry Ziola and Jordyn Bergsveinson

Beer-Spoiling Yeasts: Genomics, Detection, and Control

Chris D. Powell and Daniel W.M. Kerruish

"I learnt a great deal from this volume, and there is no doubt that this will be a valuable information source not just for those involved in the brewing industry, but for those in applied mycology and food science courses. The editors are to be congratulated on putting together such an authoritative overview of brewing yeasts and their exploitation."
—IMA Fungus
Publish Date: 2017
Format: 7" x 10" softcover
Pages: 331
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

Edited by Nicholas A. Bokulich and Charles W. Bamforth

Brewing Microbiology: Current Research, Omics, and Microbial Ecology

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