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Hop Flavor and Aroma presents new hop-related research. It covers all aspects of hop flavor and aroma, which makes it perfect for brewers, brewing chemists, quality assurance professionals, R&D personnel, flavor chemists, and hop growers and dealers.

The 14 chapters in this book are based on research presented at the First International Brewers Symposium held on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, Oregon. This monograph brings together world experts from the academic, industrial, and governmental brewing science communities to present research within the focused theme of the sensory evaluation of hops as an ingredient in brewing.

Readers will find new information on aromatic influences of hops on beer flavor that are derived from hop oils, glycosides, and photo-oxidation products of hop acids. The nature by which volatile hop components and non-volatile hop glycosides affect beer flavor is examined. The role of hop polyphenols and hop acids on beer flavor stability is discussed along with their impact on beer bitterness and flavor stability. The USDA hop breeding team synthesizes the role of genetics and breeding to achieve brewing-specific traits and develop new hop varieties.

Hop Flavor and Aroma

Chapter 1

Beer Lightstruck Flavor: The Full Story

Chapter 2

The Impact of Humulene Epoxides on Beer Flavor: A Preliminary Study

Chapter 3

The Occurrence and Nature of Kettle Hop Flavor

Chapter 4

Changes in Hop-Derived Compounds During Beer Production and Aging

Chapter 5

Investigations of Hop-Derived Odor-Active Components in Beer

Chapter 6

Character-Impact Hop Aroma Compounds in Ale

Chapter 7

Flavor and Aroma Characteristics of Pure Hop Aroma in Different Beer Styles

Chapter 8

Ancestry and Genetic Variation in Hop Development

Chapter 9

Polyphenolic Compounds in Hops

Chapter 10

Influence of Hop Polyphenols on Beer Flavor

Chapter 11

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Comparison of the Antioxidative Activity of Various Hop Components in Beer and Fruit Juices

Chapter 12

The International Bitterness Unit (IBU), Its Creation and What It Measures

Chapter 13

Hop Components and Their Impact on Bitterness Quality of Beer

Chapter 14

Personal Reflections on a 30-Year Hop Breeding Career

Publish Date: 2009
Format: 6” x 9” softcover; co-published by MBAA
ISBN: 978-0-9770519-8-4
Pages: 200
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

Edited by Thomas H. Shellhammer

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